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Best Phrases For Instagram Captions In 2019

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The photos and videos that we post in our Instagram profile say a lot about who we are or the image we want to project to our followers, another element that can guide people who are with our Instagram profile for the first time is the biography or state that we place.

There are many phrases for Instagram Captions, these must be aligned with the purpose of our account, for example, if we use Instagram to promote a product or service, it is best to place information about them.

Here Are Best Phrases For Instagram Captions In 2019

1.   You are the only fighter who can fight with yourself. 👊💪
2.  Life itself is a party, have fun and dance. 🍾🎉🎉
3.  When we are kind to others, we are even better with ourselves. ☺😊
4. I started to see the world differently when I changed and not him.  🤔👌
5.  One day you will look back and you will see that the problems were only steps that led you to victory. ✌✌
6.  Be real in everything you do. 😌😌
7.  To try to move the world, the first step will be to move yourself. ✌👍
8.  When I ask myself who I am, I am the question and I do not know the answer. ❓❓
9.  No one has the right to judge me except me. I belong to myself and do what I want. 👈👈
10. A person  who does not travel, who does not read, who does not listen to music and who does not have fun, dies slowly. ✈🎸
11.   I do not care what others think about what I do, but I care too much about what I think of what I do. That is character. 😆💪
12.   I also believe in luck. And I've realized that the harder I work, the luckier I get. 🍀🍀
13.   I am the size of what I feel, what I see and what I do, not the size in which people see me. 💪💪
14.  The only truth is that I live. Sincerely alive Who I am? Well, that's too much ... 😜😝
15.   No matter what they think of you, do what you want and worry about your happiness.
16.   Do not judge me by my success, judge me by the number of times I fall and get up. 😉
17.   I'd rather be hated for what I am, than loved for what I am not. ❤
18.   Change even slowly, because the direction is more important than the speed. ➡➡
19.   After learning to think for myself, I never thought the same as others. 
20.   I have my limits. The first one is my self-esteem.  😉🚧
21.   Words win me temporarily, but attitudes win me forever. 
22.   Happiness is a combination of luck with well-made options. ⭐
23.   I know that my happiness does not depend on the wrong of others. 
24.   You will never be good enough for everyone. 🤔🤔
25.  A beautiful body is one that has a happy person inside.
26.  The world is more beautiful when we carry the good things in our hearts. ❤
27.   Sleep with ideas consistent with attitudes.
28.   Good things come with time, the best things soon. ⏰
29.   If you do not believe in your success, no one can believe in you.
30.  Defects do no harm when there is a will and desire to correct them.

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31.  If you have happiness, there is no need to hide it.🙂😉
32.   Aggravate yourself, not others ...
33.   If you think I do not care, you're absolutely right! 😎😎
34.   Wherever we go, it will be paradise ... 
35.  Jealousy is a disease, I wish you better! 
36.   Make mistakes, get over it, learn and start again! 💪💪
37.   Life changes when it changes ... 
38.  Incline the head? Only if I'm going to pray! 
39.   Be the love of your life!💓💖
40.   Take it easy, without hurry ... If it has to be, it will be!
41.  Give value to things, not for what they are worth, but for what they mean ... 
42.   Life is about elections, mine is to be happy every day! ☺
43.  Everything will pass in due time ...⏰⏰
44.   In the end, everything is soul, pure madness. ❤
45.   She is like her, and the others are all the same ...
47.  I suggest a dose of common sense and maturity! 😄😄
48.  Everyone has their story, I am here to learn, not to judge. 
49. Be  yourself, all others already exist ...
50.   Live your life and ignore negativity. Do not let anyone steal your happiness. 😉😀

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