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Best Attitude Whatsapp Status For Classy People

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Attitude Whatsapp Status

Do not interfere in somebody's life Become a "speed breaker" 😏😎
Noisy is what happens when I walk by anyone's burning 😏😏
If that happens, let me deal with my murder, I also know what our price is in the market?
My time will not change, no change will change your destiny.
If I am a friend, then you are not around me too.
Everyone has shown their reason, now their turn to see my 😎😎
I will not be slaves, your father has raised me in lions.
Unaware of death, this journey of life
Keep the tongue clean, if the clothes are dirty then you will also walk.
Now we are passionate about not blowing the kites.
What will scare me, I am born in the streets of the murderers.
The world does not come in a lot of freedom because people do not fiddle because of their finger
Imagine my bullying when I was Sharif Even people used to call me a scoundrel.
I understand my enemies like dogs, whenever I bark, I'll get bread.
Revenge he takes, whose heart is small, we forgive him by heart.
Big name, increasing identity, increasing enmity is everything I have 😎😏😎
When someone starts hating you, understand that he can not compete with you.
Look is the attitude, no pride in the heart of our 😜😏😜
The dead lion's dead body is more dangerous than its roar.
Whether the name and identity are small but should be on their own.
Some have excuses and some have the result 😏😎😏
I am a lucky person who deserves his hatred, so much love for his love is 😎😎
People have to see the numerical value, then become scrambling for a few days. All relationships will be revealed to themselves.
What has happened to us? Look whom you have become
Friendship is both fun and funny, just have to be run.
Keep the horror in your eyes, the enemy's bones can be broken by arms.
Today even those people say that our name is enough ... those who do not even know 2 people in the street.
We are respected by people in the form of dogs.
Something like this will break in your strut, I will not leave anymore.
I am silent, let me keep silent, if I speak, many faces will be hated.
If there are many like me ... So think about how much you will be?
Now, where is the knowledge of people, from our flight, they were those who went out in the storm.
Let us try to be like, lions are born... Not made
The person who is in my lawsuit will come and walk himself, who is not, will bring his fears 😏 😏
Change thinking, changing the person will not look late.
The path is difficult, but we'll definitely get to the floor. It will surely defeat those fate that is sitting in the air.
There is no need for conspiracies to win hearts.
They tease people who cannot match you.
Learned from lions, hunt through silence, because the lion never hunts by hitting 😏 😏
The word does not accentuate that 😎😎
Trust the man who created the racket, not on the lines of the hand.
People forget the true love, I am not forgetting her false love 😏😎😏
Better than speaking I write 😉 😎
It's not your letter to write your own fate, which is written by others 😏 😏
Can not test me such person is mine, I am for those who know my love
Now it is necessary to change the face of the face to move with time to time.
People have heard about Ishq, who does not give his time, what will he give?
The better the people will get, the lesser the poor people will meet.
Approved is the dugar where the attitude is to be traveling.
Enemies do not have to be so easily, many people have to do good.
Nobody recognized us, some were blind, some were in the dark.
Show the Attitude Attitude as much as you want to end my grief 3600 like you are too low 😎😎
Do not let the poison lie straight on anyone, 😏😏
Nowadays what is theirs does not look and what they see is not their own.
You questions we answer, you brick then we stone 😉 😎
Dreams always look great, thinking people are small only 😎😏
Stop taking advantage of our Sharafat, the day when we become scoundrel ... the doom will come.
Do not get confused with us, we did not understand ourselves, what would you think of us?
I am a small question and the world tells you no answer
There will be no one who will challenge me and also win the victory.
If you stay away from the mean people, then life is not so bad 😉 😎
Even when I get stumbled, people still burn me saying that this man went ahead even in Tzurbe 😏😏
We keep royal attitude and people think our habits are bad
When the time comes together, the hostess defeats everyone.
The crowd was so great that in my neighborhood again I spoke the truth, the people got up.
If your counting is in misery then our name also never came in the number of Sharifs 😉 😎
Not too expensive to make yourself, we are poor people leave expensive things.
Those who lose in the first love, they become amazing in another love.
Do not speak by speaking, because people do not listen, they like to look 😎😏
Some people were very fond of publishing news headlines, all the junk sales went away like this.
We are the only born who has no blood and neither is weak in heart.
If you live in the same way, you will not be able to see the way.
Everyone wants to know the truth and is always afraid that anyone will not recognize him.
Changed as much as he could change himself, now he has a problem, he changes his path.
The one who does not listen, does not listen, the world is sitting on the ground.
People have become very smart, they keep the relationship as far as it is meant.
Take what you want to ignore, even guess that day when we will not be seen.
All those who live away from the crowd are crazy
I have to be entitled to your heart, not a janitor
I am in the eyes of those who do not bend, and the rest who do not let me bend to anyone before me.
When stubbornness and competition prevail in relationships, both of them win, defeat only goes to the relationship.
What a good mood, the whole world starts to shut it off.
Do not understand these things, you are not worthy, we are deeply troubled, those whom we have not met.
Do not think that if you have trouble, who will be working now, but who will go away now?
The girl should be so busy that she says "I am free for you" 😜😏😜
If we smile, then silent people also say Mashallah 😎😎
If you had listened to goodness then the world would know, but nowadays there is a lot of looters too.
You change the pictures I admire the ways ... 😜😏
If the world is not proved loyal, then what is wrong, even deceitful ones are themselves?
Answer me also comes but you are not worthy of this.
Often fallen people come to us in life and give us valuable lessons.
There is a time of truth, falsehood is just a show of 😜😏
If love was a love, then believe me by asking you.
If you think of others, you will find me bad, but if you meet yourself, then you will make a promise and smile.
Be happy for those who do not want to see you happy.
Lean over for love and respect and bow down and do not ask for respect.
Someone is going to die and there is someone who is not appreciated 😏 😎 😏
You will meet in the light, someone or someone will have to find, then do what you want in the darkness.
Center and grave never win live 😏 😎 😏
If you do not love the enemies then try to say 😏😏
There will be no muscular, there will be no witness, now whatever comes over from us will be completely devastated.
Listen, I want to relax .... Get lost by my life 😏 😎 😏
They ask us our status, their status is so great that our 😏 😎
These are the situations that teach what to listen and endure, that is why every human being becomes a king only.
Your own thinking, your own thoughts, I will not change, whatever you think 😏 😎 😏
Ek Paal will not play my character, those people who meet me give me a thousand dollar.
The big expensive character is the life in the society, from time to time, everybody increases the sense of 😏 😎 😏
If you laugh, there is no trick ... .. I still have the courage to go
There is no vassal of fear of the liver, we also move there where there is no way
We are those who will never improve, either block or tolerate 😎 😏
The ego is very hungry and it is the most desired dose, relationships are 😏😏
Finding personality like yourself is also a dream for the people ... .not personality itself, but the attitude is also amazing.
Fingers take others on others, do not put themselves in danger of confronting us and impose accusations on our attitudes 😎😎
This can be true if you take photos from DSLR .... But you do not have the 😏😏
Weak I'm not my time now 😏 😎 😏
Living people live the life and the burning of water becomes ashes in the cremation ground.
The time when dances dance, then become a relative choreographer 😏😏
Do not take the test of my tears, when it is broken, the storm has come. 😏 😎 😏
Once the heart has testified for it, then this life is also known to him and his death also
There will be problems in life, along with those problems, take the world's path, it is also important to have such an attitude.
We are indigenous guarars, which have less blood flow and a greater attitude of attitude.
The attitude should be in the bones, in the brain, then the girls are also full of 😏 😎 😏
They are telling me the way to live life, whose form is not equal to my attitudes 😏😏
No way, I have to meet the way, who is to live with the world, I have to live in a spirit and die in peace?
Noise is not made by noise, work is done, newspapers should also be published in newspapers.
It tells you what people were and what you thought 😏😏
Whatever the world says, I will accept my heart, leaving the floor of favor and I will choose the path of attitude 😏 😎
To move forward in this world... It is very important not to speak 😎 😏
Aunar also has a form of 😎 😏
This time has come after a long time
If there is panic then like a lion or a stranger, it also produces street dogs.
You will save your girlfriend, we will revive Bholainath ... .. You will celebrate Valentine '🌹 We will celebrate Shivaratri.
I have the courage to say right and wrong to the right ... That's why I keep relations nowadays 😏
The time of the funeral went! Blood is running ... ..😎 😏
He has taken the intoxication of attitude which will not affect me, even if the person dies but this bondman will not bow before anyone.
In love with love and meaning in the hearts, many people do this business in the world 😏 😏
If I try hard, I can not get rid of my hopes and live in a slightly different way, I do not know why the world burns me 😏 😎 😏
My rule which was yesterday, it is still today and tomorrow will also be there, a calendar is not my attitude which does not change with the years 😎😎
The boys who put big-stitched photos ... .. they are the first ones to ask if Uncle is your dog, then not 😎 😱
If you talk about friendship, then do not forget in the heart itself. If the finger is raised on me then the finger will later I will break your strings.
Do not think too worthless to me! I'm an artist ... I'm decorating with words 😎
Luck gives everyone a chance, but hard work strikes everyone 😎 😱
Lots of lions have secreted ... now it's my turn ... now I'll be hunting today 😏 😏
There is a lot of confusion about the problem ... They are a lot of people, we are very stubborn...
Take a shower, take it everyday, do not meet it
Stole the mouth so much from the mirror ... why do not you go away from the soul ... 😏
The rest of the boys are written in a love letter, our name is written FIR.
One day it will be like an Entry Lion. When the noise will be less and the more awe 😏 😎
This blood is arrogant because we are close relatives 😎 😏 😎
Our name is not so weak ... that should be discredited by the voice of two four enemies.
It's just loneliness... Then the noise will come in the ears ... you just have time ... Our time will come... 😎😏 😎
Whether the face is Haseen or not, we do not know, from the heart we are Haseen...
I salute those who remember me ...... Thank you so much for those who forgot me.
The beauty of Mallika, I am the King of Attitude... Sour - Our love story is a little less - a little more 😎 👫 😉
Have lived away from the crowd, enjoying the real life... And staying in the attitude, gave to yourself also, we, the punishment of going away from us
In this world, there is a different state ... be the enemy or the world has its own possession on everyone's heart.
Just do not think clothes should be branded 😏 😎
Nowadays everyone makes their own, but only by things 😏😏
It will be precious time, but we are precious too, not everyone meets 😏 😎
I would like to have a style of copying myself, no artist big or big, I respect this thing.
Death does not come to everyone, everyone lives on Yarro.
You are smart, it's a good thing, but do not think I'm a fool, this is a good thing too. 😏 😎
Nowadays relationships are not broken by telling lies, speaking truth
Straightforward face history 😏 😎
Attitude shows the children, we show them their nature.
Who said that I am afraid of the colors, I have seen them changing moment.
My city will not run in your drama ... .. I'm so famous as America's Obama 😎
Your own dream is one, Sir pe Taj is a Mumtaz and the secret to this world.
The strange habit and the power of the ghost is my love, hate or love with great intent 😜 😎 😜
See, my shoes are cleaner than yours.
Suppose I'm bad ... but not like the good people, others do not budge 😏 😎
Do not think of life as cheap as 2 crores come and play with your life 😏 😎 😏
Time will take two guns, trigger the trigger and also run the bullet, and also rule it, which people say ... .. "world" 😏😏
I am not involved in this matter, I am not involved in bowing down my head.
It's time to burn all the time ...... because it has started running our name 😏😏
I do not mix like people, love or hate what I do 100%
Aukat is a dog's ... .. our status is 😎
Do not tear off the eyes, give comfort to the heart, see what I see, focus on your person
I do not exist, I love the sword and the crown of the crown, I rule my heart with laughter and laughter 😎 👫 😉
It feels so deep that the wound is too deep ... keep your gurus from the wounds of your wounds 😜 😎 😜

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