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Best Life Quotes For Whatsapp Status

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Quotes For Whatsapp Status

I am so simple that everyone understands, maybe you have left the page and have read it
When you make the answers to the misconceptions in your relationship, then it is on the brink of collapse.
Everyone speaks in the mouth but amazingly, those people who handle it
I smiled unnecessarily, I hurt the heart of the pain
It is not necessary to be silent when you are angry with yourselves
Someone asked them who ran away from the gamble where they would take shelter who did not come happy
Soothing work is going on in tongue, sugar is increasing in the body
It is not necessary to name the relationships, some of the unnamed relationships stop breathing stuck.
Man should not be rich, he should have a conscience
Be stubborn, do not write, learn how to achieve it
Life is running very fast, life does not understand, this is a stop or destination mine
If you have an ego and you get very angry then you do not need any other enemy
Ruthati is always happiness, where sorrows are so tantrums
Life does not give happiness to others.
Relationships do not even save ashes;
All those incomplete lives have come, sometimes it is time to count even today
Tears are connected to the heart, not the brain
It is better to know what the relationship is than what it feels like to have in it.
If he was breathe then was alone .. If he was breathed then all came ...
The childhood disease also looked good, in which school was discharged
If you want to get God, then do such deeds by which you can get salvation
With heart and soul, walk with your heart ... Life is a bit, a little smiling ...
When the thinking becomes deep, the decisions become weak
Those who do not have greed, they do their work very responsibly
One day you will definitely teach yourself, not by the time and the circumstances, that life was in front and you were engaging in "the world" ...
The use of gossip gives evidence of our paradigm
People say that I have changed now ... .. Now what do they tell? Often broken leaves change their color.
Seeing the waves of waves, these kashits can not be seen.
Every person's life is treated in the time and the dietary diet is to be done with logical people.
It is patience that keeps every page of the book of life alive
Take care of yourself, the same cartoon is with me
Some people came to share my grief, but as soon as I was a little happy they got angry and walked
The discussion is of the same, in every case ...... whose heart flows in the stream of love
Do not take any of us ... .. understand if there is no alienation
Not in tales, in the installments, life is fun, in true relationships
The true person often needs to give more cleansing than a false person
If you make friends and pictures with heart, then their colors will definitely shine.
Meet sweet people that bitter people are often true
Human beings want to fly and get to know that the home is for living
The smaller the "chance" word, the longer it comes for
That is the discipline that can reach you on your destination
What two poems can not understand, what does the book of life give?
Faith is the thing that strikes before the heart
It is also necessary to get a hurricane in life only if it gets caught and who leaves with it
Once again the reconciliation is on the condition 1 from life, he has said that you will no longer listen to the heart.
If you do not get the goal, change the way because the trees change their leaves
There will be thousands like us in your life but in our lives you are one like you
Look at the dream with an open eye, otherwise the dream remains a dream
The world often changes those people, which the world does not understand
Your memories are lively in life, so do not pray for your life.
There is a lot to get in life but we do the same thing which can not be achieved ...
Khwish is very unfaithful, it changes as soon as it is complete
Everybody has to teach this life, but those who know how to live, do not complain.
Take the mirror whenever you see it first and then show it again
As long as the way is understood, it is time to return
Small thinking gives birth to doubts, while the big thinking solution
Tears too often will be found in the eyes of a person who has never been killed by life.
Many times we have some such incidents that we think about when ... when ... and how and why ... and believe the "love" ... is the most dangerous of these
Those who teach less in heart and keep less complaining about the tongue, have the capacity to play each and every relationship.
In what letters I write my wait ... Bejuban sa Ishq ... .. you are looking for pleasure ... ..
Can not learn the whole age, read books, read some faces, and do not know how many lessons.
Do not know why people leave relationships but do not be stubborn ...
Nadan people enjoy life, we have always seen the intellectuals in difficult situations
Just mislead the misfortunes, happiness will return to itself.
All times forgets, but the truth is that the person's resistance is to forget the time
There is no such crowd in the genres, every person is good just after leaving this world
It was a beautiful little moment, but what did he do yesterday?
Do not tire your temper, do something small, raise your heart ...
When there is a misunderstanding in relationships, true love also seems to be false.
If there was no desire to panic and to lose, then no one else would have been worshiping
The floors are stubborn, the paths are too stubborn, see what tomorrow is, all the time is stubborn ...
If bad habits do not change at the time, then habits change your time.
The success behind your failures is looking at your path ...
Life should be great rather than prolong
There is an easy way to get everyone's love in life. Always be mindless ...
Anger sits in the chest of fools
The one who does not take the truth seriously in small things, can not be trusted in big issues too
A friend of all is not a friend of anyone
I say that I'm powerful with fear ...
The situation is such a thing which teaches everything to innocence, makes it big in childhood itself.
Only the karmas are identified by human beings ... good clothes and lifeless puppets are also worn ....
There was a proof of the hopes, so smile and smile ...
Friends are those whose enemies are those who are your enemies
Soft luffs also hurt injuries often, relationships are very difficult to master ...
Today, after running behind the bread, I remember, once the mother ran behind me to feed me.
You have only begun to cheer up, you know, I know that I do not like you.
It takes two years to learn to speak a person, but what is to say, it learns to live a whole life.
If bad habits do not change at the time, then habits change your time.
The situation is such a thing which teaches everything to innocence, makes it big in childhood itself.
Your darshan is also auspicious. My maula .. They get the one who can not be played.
Do not say this, my friends are bigger than me, say these difficulties, my God is big ....
I can not remember every day, I do not understand myself, friends, I have troubles in this age.
Kidnapped Chameleon Leaves Suicide Note ... Now I can not change the color more than the human being.
If not seen death, but maybe it will be very beautiful, whatever the one who meets him, it becomes the same.
Do not give any new injuries from everyday. Do not know Sanam is okay !!
If the face becomes "stranger" then it is not a matter, but if the attitude becomes "stranger" then they give big "trouble"!
Dua never goes away, people just do not wait.
Only the karmas are identified by human beings ... good clothes and lifeless puppets are also worn ....
Soft luffs also hurt injuries often, relationships are very difficult to master ...
Smiles, Tabassum, Laughter, Saying, All of them were lost, we grew up! 🙁
Bejuban stones are lying on the stones in the temple of the millions of crores. He has seen the thirsty hands for Rs 1 rupees for that lady.
How do I say there is a lot of inflation. At the crossroads of my city today, there are many blessings in one rupee.
There is some strange relation between him and my dararmis, nor is there a reason for hatred, no love is available.
The world is small, we are a passenger, will be meeting again somewhere. :)
Laughs is better if my identity becomes better, will he go with the face?
Life Once I make a decision, then do not look back and look back because overturning does not make history.
What was written on a flying balloon was enough, "That which is outside is not what it is, that which is within you takes you up!"
The difference is in God and Fakir; The difference is in luck and streak; If you do not want anything, then understand; That something else is written well in fate.
Thank you for giving so much stumbling, A-life, you have the skill to walk properly.
People say sadness is bad when it comes to roses, we say sadness is good, when it comes to teach something new

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