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Fathers Day Status and Quotes For Whatsapp

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Fathers Day Status and Quotes

I see everything like mother says ... everyone says, the truth says ... but I am the daughter of my father
Mother's father is the root of the tree of life
Chanda asked the stars, the stars asked thousands of ... who is the most lovable? Papa mera papa
The world's richest man is also poor without parent
Kept me in the shade, burning myself in the sun, I have seen such an angel as my father
Unimportant, in this world, it is our pride that the existence of a person is the father's first identity.
Every daughter has the greatest distinction that her father smiles Happy Fathers Desassassus
The dreams were mine but the way to meet them was being shown some other way and that was my father Love you papa ... Happy Father's Day
On my small sighs, you are spoiling a papa Love you dad 🙂
Happy Fathers Day is the second form of God
Nadan was father in childhood who used to hurt your heart 🙁 miss you dad
Being father is easier than father to love you dad
My father is happy because of my father
Now I do not persuade Papa because you did not come and fulfill my obligations and I miss you papa ... love you Alot
Papa, you are my master who can never break 🙂 Happy Fathers Day
My little father goes to work for my little happiness.
Every girl's first love is her father 🙂 🙂
Shounces are filled with father's earnings just by living with their earnings
Everything in the market just meets the love of the parents
There are two advantages of sitting near my parents - one is never bigger than you, another parent is never old, love you mom dad
The father is like a neem tree, even if the leaves are bitter but it cools the shade
My courage, my honor, my honor is Father, My strength, my capital, my identity is Father
Tension around the world in mind and cipher in the heart is the person who is concerned about his children and nobody is that Father Happy Father's Day

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