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Friendship Day Quotes And Messages

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Friendship day quotes
I am happy till my friend is with me
Dear Best Friend, Do you live near the moment?
Some friends are like treasure, let's get them buried in the ground.
Sharif is also an art to distort friends
Friendship is not about "Sorry" Its about "All mistake is yours" πŸ˜‹
The surreal galaxy is my "besti" extravagant 
God forbid our friendship is so deep, my actions are mys and humiliation is yours.
The friend is the one who will listen to all our problems, then in the end, "nothing can be yours" πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Me: I'm fine, right?Best Friend: Stains are good.
Friends are precious when they are hugging
Even if his best friends are ... But there are atom bombs to win ...
Can I bind a band, so little is my friend's love
The friendship of the moon, from night to morning, the friendship of Suraj, from day to evening. Our friendship from the first visit to the last breath .. Happy Friendship Day
Because of that I am today ... .today their day is ... Happy Friendship Day Friends ... ★ ☆ ★
How small is my world, I am a friend and your friend ... Happy Friendship Day
People see wealth, we see respect, people see the floor, we go shopping, people make friendships, we play them .... happy friendship day
Those friends keep very much in my eyes, who keep the mirror in front of me at the moment ... .. happy friends day
We do not have friends to spend time, keep friends with friends ... .. best friends Forever
Who says that there is some good in me ...... I have just managed some friends ...
Who will calculate my laughter, who will forgive my mistake, keep my friend close to God, or else who will do 'lungi dance' in my marriage ...
There is no friend at all, there is a piece of litter. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘«
No gaadi🚘 no bullet🏍 no ❌ only kept weapon πŸ”« one is chest and jagri πŸ˜‰yaar πŸ‘¬
There is some sweet coolness in these winds, maybe the room of memories of friends has been left ...!
A good friend should always celebrate on the rage because ... that cynicism knows all our secrets.
You began to realize the distance,You came to remember Guzaara Har Lahama,Whenever you tried to forget you,Tune heart came even closer
If you are broken by friends, then dogs will suffer, and if you stay connected with friends then the lions will panic too ...
You're the most beloved,Not so complacent you are so cute,Today you know why this world burns you,Because friend, then we are ours
Friendship is not a search,It does not happen every day from everybody,Do not underestimate us in your life,Because the eyelids never have a banquet on the eyes.
On every page of history, it is written that friendship is never too big, the runners always grow up
There is no day in the friendship, no war, it is a feeling in which there are only friends
Life is like a railway station,Love is a train that comes and goes,The friend on the enquiry counter,Who always says May I Help You!
If there is no water then what work did Nadiya do,If no tears, what work of the eyes,Heart no matter what work of heart beat,If May not miss you, then what is our friendship?~ * '¨¨`` * · ~ - Happy Friendship Day - ~ *' ¨¨`` * · ~ -
Jee does stop this moment, to spend with friends ... .. only friends are real wealth, but whole life is created to earn money ...
Unknowable and met up like that ... Strangers have become friends of such friends ... They wanted to have a true friendship ... but we were truly loved by them.
On the way, Budu becomes friend ..cold drink, drinks the wine, the friend ... talking to the auntiyo by the friend .. friend .. how many bastards do you remember but there are many friends
If friendship is good then it brings color,If friendship is deep, then everyone appreciates,If friendship is ignored then it breaks down,But if friendship is like you, then make history.
Sometimes a distant one comes in friendship,Still, true friendship mixes hearts,What is the friend who is not angry at all,But true friendship celebrates friends only.
We still play the game of chess alone, because we do not have to move against friends ...
Love is done with heart, "liver" for friendship
There is so much difference in love and friendship,Love supported and friend playedWhich relationship should I say deeply?One gave life and the other taught to live.
True friends never let us fall ... neither in the eyes nor in anyone's steps ...
Friends understand everything in the heartHappiness happens in every moment of sorrowMateEvery time we pray, we pray
If there is any misunderstanding about our friendship in life, then tossing the coin ... If the heads come then we are friends ... If the tail comes ... the coin will be changed ... friend ...
Who is friend? Friends, those who called uninvited, eat unnecessarily, empty the pockets, sometimes persecuted, sometimes cry, but always play together.
True friend is the same ... .. All the girls should be their sister-in-law ...
You have a syrup of trouble ... You're a capsule of tension ... You get a bullet tablet ... you have to say ... what to do ... because you have to be an injection of friendship
Going on the go,Moving away from life,This world will remember because of our sweet friendship"We are Rahi Pyaar Ki Phir Mein Chalte Chalte"
The effect is heard in our talks,Other people forget about 2-4 visits,Where will you go, forget us,Your friendship has a streak in my hands.
We know the shortcomings of friends,We recognize the pain of the world,As with friends like you,Life is laughing, we know we live.
It was written in the amount today that the treasure can be found, that suddenly the friend in the street looked old πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Finding a true friend is very difficult, I am surprised that people have searched for me ....
You consider yourself to be a happy person in your friendship, we consider you the best in friends, living in the shadow of your friendship, we consider you a gifted lord of God.
Friendship is simple ... No Drama No Excuse No Sorry No Thanks Never say ... I do not have time .... Always say .... It is also a matter of your life, by your order, do not give it ... It is a different matter ...
Dil Tujhujo Deo Pagali, Jaan is still on the name of friends ...
Why are friends in trouble,Why do you share dirty friends,No relationship with blood, nor with customs,Nevertheless, with the life of friends,
Will continue to play the promises of friendship,We will continue to persecute you every time,If you die, then what is wrong,We will keep coming in your eyes as tears.
Which is called "pen" of heart and "inc." Of trustWhich is called "book" and memories "cover" to Lamho,This is the "subject" that people call "friendship"
Happy moments for you,Gullasta of the Bahars is for you,For the success of you,Just be a lovely friend to stay
Our friendship will be more than us, your voice will be a promise for us, you too listen to the ears, who has beaten the friendship first, beats even the mostWill be.
Maybe they can find the fate that they get the moment of life, let them sit again and again, that class will be able to find the old friends again on the last bench.
Launched from the sky, decorated with stars, danced by the moon's moonlight, oh friend! Keeping this friendship in mind, this is the earnings of our lives.
I get angry because of my sense of my enemy because I did not exchange any change and I changed my friend ....
Hurricane is life, so Sahil is your friendship,The journey is my life, my destination is your friendship,After death I will get the hell of lifeIf you are alive, keep your friendship alive.
Somewhere dark will be somewhere in the evening,My happiness will be your name,After making some demands, my friend,Lips on the laugh palm

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