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Good Morning SMS/Status For Whatsapp 2019

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Good Morning Status

With flowers rain and love gifts,
Congratulations to you a lot of sweet morning!
The night passed again in the morning,
Your heart beat again,
The eyes felt that air,
Who touched you, came to us!
Good Morning!
Black is dark in the morning after the night,
Look at the morning's view,
The whole world is illuminated by the light of the sun,
What happened if I spent yesterday in gum,
Today is the new year, I have come!
Good Morning!
With blossom blooms,
With a fond feel,
With a new belief,
Start your day with a sweet smile!
Good Morning!
After sweet sweet sister Nandia,
After the night's Haseen dreams,
With some new dreams of the morning,
You laugh with your friends!
Good Morning!
You stole heart from heart,
You made me your own,
Will never forget you a friend,
Because you taught to do friendship!
Those who like to look like a night look younger,
And those who like to fulfill the dream, the day seems small!
Good Morning!
Look at the darling lover of the morning,
Look at their picture in their eyes,
We have sent you a lovely message of good morning,
Just wake up once and see it with love!
Good Morning!
You smile everyday,
Ever face lotus and sometimes everyday,
The moment is happy,
Just like that day you are everyday!
Good Morning!
It's time to leave the sun,
It's time to blossom flowers,
Wake up from my sweet sleep,
It's time to bring your dreams to reality!
Good Morning!
After a lovely sweet nidia, with some dreams of the night, with some hopes of the morning, you love the good morning.
Today, some feel frustrated, you feel like it is in the cold, you have been refined, Surat looks after you, many days after bathing.
In one morning there may be such, where the eyes are not to be alive, but to live life open.
In this lovely morning, always remain the same, the joys of your life are always the same, whatever you want, become yours, you get your security.
The beautiful rays of the morning morning began to say to me, look out soon, how sweet the weather is, I also said, wait for a while, first let me message what I know is cute.
When the world comes in the morning, when the world is born, you remember when you open your eyes, the flowers of happiness are in your ecstasies, it is the first prayer on my lips.
From now on, come back from the dreams where we have come, wake up in the morning, say moon stars now by saying goodbye, lost in the new days of this new day.
Time and understanding are only for those who are destined, because if there is a time then it can not be understood and there is no time when it comes to understanding.
Do you ask me for your inspection, always be happy, your way, laughing at your face, this way, Khushbo plays with flowers, the way.
Give your life a new look every day, even if it is not complete but let the voice do it, one will become full, all the dreams are yours, just start one.
As the night comes, taking the stars, and sleeping, by dreaming, do we pray that you have come every morning, taking many happiness.
He is my life, who pleads for my happiness, Goddess fills his life with happiness, who waste a moment to remember me.
No one understands us but of course you understand, you make me your every gam, then we are able to do it, God will give you every pleasure, every one of us will have a chance, we do every single prayer in this heart.
Good morning, please surrender to me, give happiness to the evening of laughter, when someone reads my love with this passage, then give them a sweet smile on your face.
The drops of water are soaking in flowers, the cold waves are stirring a freshness, be it you are also involved in it, awakening you in a lovely morning.
The weather in the morning, like the feeling of the jannat, the sleeping in the eyes and the search for tea, the awakening of awakening, a little more sleep, but your day is auspicious with our good morning.
Delightfully adapting the heart, liberating the mind from the heart, just requesting so much from you that, if possible, remember that you can, if possible, ever remember us.
I wish that happiness and happiness are in your heart, God will give you all that is in your dreams.
It's time to get out of the sun, it's time to blossom, wake up from my sweet sleep,
It was time to bring dreams to reality.
Your new morning will be so much appreciated, all the things of the sorrows become old and you are so happy that this new day, that happiness also becomes your addiction.
There is a pain which does not go by heart, this is the reason that we miss you, you have come in the morning, you kept crying all night, this night is also cut in the absurdity.
The buds blossomed with a dear one, the beginning of a new faith day, with a sweet smile, you have to say Good Morning Have a nice Day.
Smile on the face as soon as you wake up in the morning, you should be away from every misery, smell your life, such auspicious day as you are today, Good morning
Dua always comes out from this heart, you get the treasure of a lot of happiness every day.
Never lose courage, nothing is going to end in life, always a new day is waiting for you.
In the morning, the eye opened, you remember, your mind smiled, and your face smiled, the beginning of the day is ours.
You have become the beginning of a loving day, for love, for the heart, you, for us, for you, we will accept you, our good morning light from our hearts.
Your new morning will be so much appreciated, all the things of the sorrows become old and you are so happy that this new day, that happiness also becomes your addiction.
The one who is smiling will have pain, whoever is walking will be blossomed in his feet, without any struggle, the man can not shine, which will burn him.
Be so happy in your life that, seeing you, you should be happy with someone else's morning.
Someone told me that you remember every morning by morning and every morning, do they remember you too, in saying I have a relationship, do not compete.
Every day something takes care, every day tells something, in this new day, you get all that which everyone can not find.
The moonlight demanded from the moonlight, the color of the flowers demanded by the brightness of the flowers, Daulat is not from the fame, mine, I should just sit together every morning.
Give me this message, giving happiness to the evening of laughter, when someone reads my love with this passage, then give them a smile on their face.
Whirlpools were flooded in Gulshan; Suraj camped in the east; eyes opened with a smile; Once again, there was a beautiful evening.
No temple, no God, no worship, no bath, our first work as soon as morning, a lovely SMS is the name of your friends.
Ai Haseen moon, give a gift to my friend, illuminate with millions of stars, with a beautiful face, you hide the darkness like this, every night after giving a beautiful prayer.
Rose blossoming in life, laughing in your eyes, in the eyes of happiness, you get the joy of the wave, at every step you give it, this heart is repeatedly repeated to you.
Smile on the face as soon as you wake up in the morning, you should remain silent with every misery, smell your life, such auspicious day is everyday for you.
You will meet in Ujjal, someone will find you, keep looking for him

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