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Romantic Love Status for Whatsapp

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love Status for Whatsapp

They started to recognize that even in the mask, ... among thousands of people ... In the midst of the smile, your eyes started with "Ishq" among thousands ...
listen ! Do you ignore it according to your own ... We will love you very much ... ..
The reasons for the death are all exhausted ... just to live "you" ...
Who says that it is necessary to break the moon's stars ... .. to touch the heart, two words with love, that is enough ... !!
There will be some thing in that madness that my heart had come to him. Otherwise, he is so selfish that he does not even pray for his life ..
I had just stolen his heart but, now he is planning to steal my surname Pagli !!
Listen to 👦 style 😎 then 👩 just for the sake of ☝ 😌, 😌 for the next time 👫 is the sign of my intoxicating ☝ is enough. 😏
Who can meet me in my heart, ....... I have kept all the mortgages I have in your heart! 💐
His move was enough to blow the heart, ... now it has become a lot since he started wearing a pair of legs.
Who does not love when and when does it happen? This is that house, whose door is not there.
Give way to the beats, you are sitting on the whole heart.
Make a lawsuit on our Sanam, at least every person will be lenient
You are the "Taliban" of my life ... you have destroyed the absurdity
One is the one to be happy and the one where you live, not even nowadays.
I had seen only for a look, what was the news that you will go to the rug of rage
Such arbitrators are also not good, you are not just yourself
Yours was also with you ... I am yours also ...
Just yesterday, I used to drink wine. Kambukh Weather became dishonest today.
If I become angry then you should convince me, do not say anything just to get it from the chest.
Only you ever did not understand me, now even today I call you crazy!
The heart's weather should be happy forever, one moment can be true to you also.
There is no cost to you in your world, but we have given you the queen status in our world ..😊😊
This is what we are concerned about, and we are just being anxious.
Happiness in my life is with your excuse .. Half of you are with perspiration ... half-hearted are you ...
This is not a democracy of Ishq, otherwise you can make a bribe of yours!
I have to run the race for myself ... Your Ishik has made a child, I am ...
Those two moments were between you and my smile ... just like that Ishq took the place ..
Have heard you have nowadays 👉👸 ... ☺ smile has disappeared 😒 You say you'll come again next to you 💏
Listening to your heart will tremble too ... your eye will also flutter. I will add such a habit ... every moment of me will get thirsty for meeting me.
Do not know what is the key, in the eyes of the eyes, as much as the eyesight ... the eye falls on it ....
My name is cursing me ... I think in the right thing I hate ...
You want to be the reason for your laugh, just say that to you .........
Life is sweet and very sweet but only till then I am your only friend and mine.
If you are not angry, then you are worried about God ... seeing your face happy, I forget my grief.
In their wish we are bound to say that he is not even with us and we are not alone ...!
Why are there so many rituals in the world, if love is life, why it is in it, can not tell us why this secret is no one, if the heart is its own, then why is it in someone else's bus
My heart is a picture on the wall, and your hands are in my fate, Mary.
I kept touching my heart ... like mohabbat black money ... do not disclose that there will be no ruckus.
They do not allow the evening to disappear, we do not wait for goodbye.
There was a person that he ever celebrated us. But this humble heart is not only ruthless but he is not.
At first he used to go away, Mohbobat ... so nights were realized ....
People ask this every time what you see in it, I say this every time, it is unnecessary love.
Can not it be that we ask for love ... and say you embrace, "anything else?"
Hopefully…!! A Khwahish may be completed without worship ... !!! They come and embrace ... .. without my permission !!!!!
You do not seem to be good or bad to me, just look yours.
If love is true then it never changes, not with time and not
They say that love happens once. But when I see it..I have every time.
I do not have a habit of seeing me twisted..I saw you..I see once more
Not so persecuting anyone ... Do not torment anyone more than the extent ... whose breathing moves away from your gossip ... do not seduce them for your voice ...
Together with you we started changing the lions of the lions and started muttering. We started merging with our people now.
Keep this heart of mine only, it is very worrisome, it is yours ..!
It feels good to wet me in the rain and I just got wet in the rain
I do not believe in accepting defeat.
The beats have some control over their heart, they have just bowed down, they are smiling.
There is no love from Surat; Mohabbat is from the heart; Surat seems to be his own, dear;
I do not want to do it myself .... I wanted those who wanted thousands of people!
Let me write on paper, and I am not that person. She is a poet who has the skill to write on the hearts.
Do not know what innocence is on your face ... It feels good to hide you more than you face ... !!!
Your death also will be death, you will die, one day die on you!
Everybody asks, what do you do? As there is no work of love ...
Your love is from my life, this is the beauty of mine, where was the mention of mine before your dastak
You are filled with love and passion, life is the story of you!
All the body was filled with a strange odor, perhaps your thoughts passed through the limits.
Those who have been bowed down, our hearts are stolen ... we said, return our hearts, that quote - we are sitting in the hands, we are sitting ...
I do not need to paint with the colors of the market, this face becomes pink as soon as one remembers.
You have gone crazy to hear something from your lips.
If you give me an opportunity to talk, I would say, I will give you Rula, you count your number.

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