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Whatsapp Attitude Status 2019

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Whatsapp Attitude Status

We do not have to be in the discussions, we have a discussion of everything, what should we do 
Even before we were, we will stay the same tomorrow or no one will take any place, nor will we take her place ...
There is no bandwidth in today's date ... so the words fall short because we praise them.
Name is not made in one day but one day it is definitely created...
The mirror is very weak but is not afraid to show the truth 😎 😉😎
If your relationship with the sky is strong ... 😅😍 You can not spoil anything of land ... 😡
You are busy with your own gurrer ... .I am also Busy, now in my character, in Shururam
We are the villains, who do not expect anything, even themselves. 😈😎
What will make me afraid of death, we have taken birth in a slaughter house
What is boasting on the wealth of the father, it is only fun when wealth is his own and boasting father 😎 😉😎
Moodiness is also something like ours, like salt water, but it is true.
Take care of yourself as much as you can imagine ... even try to do that day when we will not be seen.
I have put some people to talk back to the back ... the salary is nothing but the work done on them honestly
Those people who hate me, keep doing what I love most
I want to meet the sky, not the heights, tell me to come down!
Our Style 😎 and Attitude 😏 are just different, going to match with them will be sold ...
Do not talk in the corner behind my back ... .. else life will pass, just crying
What is that like 😏? Who has to change himself to love ...
You think that I am wrong, I am right than you, because 😏 slightly different I am ...
Disgrace, which will go away ... I will get a habit.
This is what you do not talk to me, it's a sign of hatred or fear of falling in love
Keep silent...It does not make any difference to anyone's crying 😎 😏 😎
Mobile does not trust network and relationships, people often play games 😎 😉
Why are you standing in front of the accidents, nothing is in front of the excitement.
Some people are like pakodas, do not pay a little attention and then burn.
If you can learn to believe, then all the world does ...
One day you will get the floor ... Tap, poison is something that will eat and die.
The difference is yours, and in my training, you have learned from the masters and I
If the discussions are special, then it is also important, fingers also arise only on those who are famous !!
Some people are like slippers, they give up, but they keep mud from behind. 😎 😏 😎 !!
The false coins never run in the market... Today is finding weaknesses in our character 😎 😎
Do not let everyone clean up ... You're a human, no Detergent Powder 😎 😏 😉
Believe that life is very traitorous with us... Still, we are good and honest 😎 😉
True love does not come from the heart, 💛 😌, are asking for a while after saying such things. 😈 😏 !!
Stay away from me because my attitude is like a rainbow when I see what color does not know 😏 😍 😎 😡
There is a sleep that people do not come overnight... Just one is the one who is sleeping all the time 😎 😏
Love, favor, hatred, hostility, whatever you want, do me, your promise will be doubled 😎 😎
Nowadays just one thing is left to trust people and break hearts, then say sorry, 😎 😉
Even though you are the angel of your father and the queen of the world ... but 36 like you are walking behind the maid behind me.
Ahsan was both of them, on the house .. the roof was told and the foundation concealed.
Name in life, be disgraced, but not anonymous. 😎 😉
Some things do not get by money, and I love the things that are 😎 😏 😉 😎
People do not respect us when we are alone... Do it when they are alone 😎 😎
The time when the eyes revolve. The dog also surrounds the tree.
I have liked some people ... .. some people did not like this thing... 😎 😏
If someone is silent then it does not mean that he does not have to speak, maybe he believes in slapping 👋 !!
Daulat is inherited, but identity is created on its own. 😎 😎
We are small, we will bend the head; decide how big it is in them.
Often the love of the show is the noise, the true love gets tuned in gestures.
Like a mirror, I am still beyond the understanding of many 😉😎
Life is so busy, it is to burn the enemy and to celebrate his sweetheart 😊 😏 😉😎
For the mother, write 'lion' ...... Mother has made 'lion' only ...
Love becomes suddenly, which is thought of as a setting, which is called 😏😏😏😏
Just ask me those people who tell their girlfriends to block it first.
We are the star in the no.1 spirit of love ...... .. Then the face of Husn, or the enemy is all its own fan.
Who will be able to stop our freshness if an enemy comes, will only rain from the eyes?
Our shock is to keep the sword, children also insist on the firearm.
Do not do so by doing so much a person on yourself, do not know how many erased God made you like 😎 😉😎
Sometimes innocent people come out with a lot of pain 😎 😉😎 😉
We can see the evil of the enemy, and then tell his formula 😎 😉😎 😉
Do not expect us from our eyes, we are used to seeing love ... 😎 😉 😎😎 😉
It is our duty to save the enemy and make a fight for a friend 😎 😉😎 😉
Do not you see me look like this, ego leave, your life will be transformed in 😎 😉😎 😉
Vigor is not in the voice of your laugh, because the crop comes from the rain, not from the flood.
I am stinging in the glass, the day when the mirror will be created, the whole world will see it 😉 😎
Boil in blood is still a family man ... .the world is not a part of the Attitude of our hobby
Keep your identity from silence, at the moment your name will tell you 😎 😉 😎
Pyaar Ishq Mohabbat is all fraud ... In your life, the only Attitude is enough 😎 😉 😎
Hate also we do by seeing the status. Love is so far away 😎 😉 😎
Live nearby but do not accompany ... Some people burn me just do not look bad 😎 😉 😎
Enemies are none of us in this place but if one looks at the first glance .... Take heart, or join hands.
Do not even lift my eyes, which I can not get my heart, forcibly joining hands, it's not just me ... 😉😉
Life does not get any support in life and the person who gets entangled with us do not get a name for it.
Do not do any harm to others on their own; That's us 😉 😏
Do not leave the arrows in the dark ............ The enemy is not far away without breaking the bone 😉 😏
Even a few of us were innocent, he did not talk, so we also gave up.
Keep it with you, your valuable answer after 2 days, I do not want 😉 😏
Raincoat teaches us that those who have 'feathers' are just a few days old ... 😎😎
Hate is not so cheap that you want to bet on 😎 😉 😎
There was no reason to sit with him, whom I had placed on the head 😎 😉 😉 😎
Love is not a personal loan, no one is ready to give it 😁😜
The lions prey on their own and we only war with Attitude.
Do not misunderstand you that your rule is ... .. Son come and see 👀 ... who is his father?
I do not listen to anybody, no matter how special it is ... do not learn to live in any way, no matter how big a bad person is next.
Juban bitter, I keep my heart clean ... Who, when, where has changed, keep account of all 😎 😉😎
Deficiencies are very much in me but I am not dishonored, I think everyone becomes my own, no benefit or loss.
Be patient, they will also pass on the day of trouble, who laugh at me seeing me tomorrow will be seen by me tomorrow. 😉😉
What is an identity? We will tell the world 😉😎 ... There were no names ... but will not be named without 😉 😏
We are just living in Attitude, then anybody in front of the house will give less 😉 😏
Mood swings are different .. they are the same as they are... 😎 😏
We are not one of those people who search for status on Google ... .. My status people search Google 😎 😎
They all are being made to become crazy about attitude ... who do not even know how many "t" is in the attitude 😜 😎 😏
We also come in the count of Sharifs, if no finger is done !! 😜😜
All do the trick but everyone does not have the rule ... .. Attitude is so close to everyone, but we do not have to guess like this 😎 😏
The ability to drink, live strength, the balance of the account, and the name fear should never be less 😎 😏 😏 😎
Do not show the pan, people begin to look 😎 😏 😏 😎
You also try and die, who has stopped you ....... Attitude is your immense, whom you see? ... everyone is round
Do not be too upset by the son ... we all view gestures and show a lot of goodness.
Friendship will be given by heart, I will also give life, even by mistake, I will also take life.
We too are the father of all, who is confused with us ashes in the cremation ground.
What will fight with the enemy, get rid of yourself?
Anger is what I got inherited

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